Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Vive Le Roi , Return of the Monarchy In France??

The French Revolution is one of the most famous revolutions in history. It was caused by the unfair political system where the 1st estate (aristocracy) paid no taxes, 2nd estate which paid very little taxes (Clergy, rich people) and all of the taxes were coming from the 3rd estate (working class, peasants). But now there is a number of monarchist parties in France today who are working to re-establish the Royal Family in France.In recent times there has been a growing movement in France to restore the Monarchy, these ideas have been on going since the 1870's when the Third Republic was formed after the disastrous Franco-Prussian War, but and i must stress this it isn't a major force in French Politics at the moment. In a poll in a newspaper 50% said that they would be fine with a constitutional monarchy but they wouldn't fight for it's restoration. Which i do believe is a start but there is a problem we have 3 pretenders to the throne of The Kingdom Of France. 1) The legitimits or House of Bourbon. 2) The OrlĂ©anists which i believe is a branch from the House Of Bourbon 3) Bonarpartisim House of Bonaparte. I believe that if most of the population of France choose to adopt a system of a Constitutional Monarchy then they should have a national referendum on who should ascend the Throne Of The Kingdom Of France. And that the two who don't win the vote should be given prominent titles. There are a number of groups and organisations who are working very hard to restore France to it's formal glory, these groups are 1) Democratic Rally 2) Action Francais  3) Alliance Royale 4) Nouvelle Action Royaliste. I firmly believe that it's the right way for France and that a King Or Queen taking residence in in the Palace Of Versailles would be proud day for France

Monday, 23 September 2013

Monarchism In the Former Austro-Hungarian Empire

Just a little under 95 years ago the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and many other countries and provinces were apart of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire a empire which was severely weakened at the turn of the century. And after a disastrous war effort in the First World War the Monarchy was abolished in Austria and Hungary and the Empire fell.

central europeBut now there is a number of Monarchist groups who are gaining momentum in these countries and are making great strides to restore the Hapsburgs to their throne in Austria we have the Schwarz-Glebe Allianz or the "Black and Yellow Alliance", who are not only campaigning for the restoration of the monarchy in Austria but at the same time they are seeing whether it's possible to form a Commonwealth of nations similar to the British one with all countries getting involved by their own free will.  For the time being they are focusing on what can be achieved in Austria. In Hungary unfourtunatly there isn't any large political movement in the country to give a go in restoring the monarchy in the former Kingdom Of Hungary, but never the less time will tell however, in the Czech Republic there is a Political Party in the Czech Republic which in the last elections went from 0.02% of the vote to 0.05% in the last two elections , it might not be a massive movement in the votes but never the less it's still progress. The name of this political party is the "Koruna ceska". They have decided to put a candidate forward for the Czech Parliament this October in the elections. Their aim is to revive the old Czech Monarchy separate from the Hapsburgs of Austria. I do believe that this political party can and will gain support from the population of this fine country.
In many other countries which were a part of the former empire some are making great movements and are gathering support for this cause , a cause to create an institution in their own countries which represent the people of these countries, their hopes are to help revive their countries history and pride.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The new Royal Baby

It's a boy: The message displayed outside the palace telling the world that there is a new prince in the British royal family
Yesterday whilst the world was patiently watching the doors of the Lindo wing at St Mary's Hospital a new Royal Heir was born . On the 22nd of July 2013 at 4:24 PM the new Prince of Cambridge entered this world. HRH Duchess of Cambridge with the Duke Of Cambridge at her side,arrived at the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital from their residence at Kensington Palace early in the morning. It is believed at this stage her contractions began to start. During the course of the day we were getting little snippets of information from Clarence house on Twitter and with small Press releases from Kensington Palace. Anticipation was building up outside the Hospital and Buckingham Palace. We got our first clue when her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II returned from Windsor Castle. She arrived in the early afternoon to a cheering crowd outside the Palace. But the real hint to a baby was born was when the Royal Aide Ed Perkins left the front door of the Hospital and handed the Official Notice of a Royal Birth to the chauffeur driven car which sped it's way across London under escort to Buckingham Palace. After a short wait the notice was officially shown to the world. And people began to celebrate outside the Palace and Hospital. People speculate why they waited four hours to announce the birth of their child. Many Royal commentators have noted that they decided to spend time with their new born baby boy, the reason behind this is that they rarely get time to themselves and now they used up this time to truly bond with their child and themselves. Today the Duchess of Cambridge's parents arrived to meet their new grandson and then left shortly afterwards, after some time Prince William's father the Prince of Wales and his stepmother Camilla Duchess Of Cornwall also arrived at the Hospital and dropped the all important hint that the baby was on the way out of the Hospital. Finally at 19:13 PM, The Duke Duchess and Baby left the Lindo Wing and finally presented themselves to the worlds media.
The New Baby Prince Of Cambridge.


Friday, 28 June 2013

Royal Expenses of the Windsor Family.

Recently the palace has released the Royal accounts or in other words how much was given to the Royal Family for them to fulfill their duties to the people of The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland. The media as always were completely biased and one sided when it came to this by saying oh look at all the money they cost us and so on. They didn't look at it correctly in my opinion and has given a false image and half baked information about the Royal Finances.The overall amount of money was spent was £33.3 million pounds during the Diamond Jubilee year which is about 53 p per person out of the whole population or 87 p for the working population. One can assume that the media are trying to portray the image that Her Majesty pocketed all of the loot. I is only when you take a closer look at it you can see that it's the opposite. The money went to providing all of the tours of the Diamond Jubilee year.
It also went into peoples wage packets such as people working at the palace and money went to workmen who are repairing the Royal residences such as Kensington Palace which has been renovated so that The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge can take up residence there with their soon to be born child. What the media don't tell you that due to the rate of inflation it is £3.2 million pounds less than the £36.5 million spent in 2008-09
It also covers the cost for the Royal tours of Oceania (Australia and South Pacific) and the Middle East. It also covers the cost for the Royal Tour of the UK where the Queen and Duke Of Edinburgh visited nearly every corner of the country. The papers how ever do mention about the profits of the Crown Estate which is owned by the Royal Family , every year they give all of the profits voluntary to the treasury now since anyone can do basic maths the profits from 2011-12 has been calculated at £252.6 million pounds expenditure was at £33.3 million pounds. Due to the new sovereign support grant which is due to come into effect next year the Royal Family don't have to go to the public purse they get 15% of the £252.6 million pounds for next year. Which works out at £37.9 million pounds. So technically speaking they would be using their own money from their own crown estate to fund the monarchs duties whilst this is happening the other £214.7 million pounds will be going to the treasury.
But what the newspapers and republicans tend not to mention that this is the easily measurable amount of money going to the state, they don't mention the amount of tourists they bring in every year. Sure you can say that the tourists don't just come in to see the Royals or their Crown Regalia or the palaces and castles but they sure don't come for the weather. Thousands of people if not millions visit the Tower of London to see the crown Jewels and the Royal castle where many things happened they also visit Buckingham Palace / Windsor Castle / St James palace / Kensington palace and Hampton court . Then they say that France gets more tourists than us and they are a republic. I bet you a pound to a penny that more people visit Versailles than the presidential residence, also Paris is a city of culture with more attractions. I remember that during the royal wedding people were saying that they are a waste of space and that nobody has any interest in them , 2 billion people watched that wedding out of 7 billion so that is a lot of people interested in the Royal Family.
To make a long story short over time the British Royal Family is cutting down on how much it's costing the taxpayer every year and i s a valuable asset to the nation.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

A presidential problem !

I have been watching the news recently and i saw two presidents wishing that they aren't one at this time.
The coat of arms of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia

The president of Bosnia has been detained on corruption charges and the Italian one didn't want the job but reluctantly took it. These two countries were former monarchies, but to be honest i'm not all that surprised by all of this like i said political instability and corruption flows when you get rid of a monarch. The house of Savoy was eliminated by such a close margin it shouldn't have happened in the first place, also with this Italian Republic they can't even choose who should be in charge so i say that Italy got itself in a bit of a pickle . And those communists removed the monarchy in Yugoslavia which was Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Herzegovina , Slovenia and Macedonia. 

 I think that the people of these countries should reconsider about their futures, they have the choice of having an King or Queen regent or a politician in charge.For people who read this blog i think you know my choice.In my opinion greed thrives in republics power goes to their heads like strong drink, they get easily manipulated and are in most cases bad role models to the general population. People easily lose faith in the politicians they go back on promises and do the complete opposite of what they said they do they have no honor politics used to be about trying to do  things now it's about trying to be someone. A monarch has no political agenda or affiliations.A monarch can be used to lift the people's morale and be a symbol of defiance when it comes to a foreign enemy. They will also represent the best qualities of these countries and of many others who have abolished it's monarchies but still has time to restore them.     

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The British Royal Family.

The British Royal Family is one of the most famous families in the whole world , their head of the family Queen Elizabeth II is currently the head of 16 states world wide . She and her family command the respect of tens of millions people around the world.

The Queen has more experience of Trooping the Colour than anyone else on the parade ground and inspected the guardsmen with a keen eye.This has a major influence on the UK's image worldwide it gives a image of tradition and continuity and a right royal image ! . She is also the head of the British Commonwealth which is a unique group which composes of 54 independent member states this organisation promotes democracy, civil rights good governance law liberty free trade egalitarianism and world peace. The Queen and her family are accused of being spongers by republicans but they don't see the true value of the monarchy she reigns not rules and is above party politics unlike presidents. They do a lot of work for their country they not only represent it , serve it , promote it , and they actually take an into account that there are people out their not votes. They visit all around the place at low cost unlike a president who has to leave his or her residence only when there is a disaster but the royals go out to meet normal people to make the people feel relevant and wanted and not just another tick on the ballot paper. And also there is a sense of tradition that they have around them with events such as trooping the colour which attracts huge crowds to London. They are above all a family and hold family values , they remind us what is most important to us and equally irreplaceable, in a republic it's just the president and nothing else but with the royal family you see the family firm at work when the Queen was taken ill the family step in and help each other when they need it when a president is left high and dry when this happens.They also say that for example Buckingham palace is too lavish , but everything in it is recycled from the past not thrown away because the hottest new thing came out!.I have one last thing to say it's a quote from the controversial Margret Thatcher "If you think that a politician would do a better job as a head of state rather than a monarch, then you should meet more politicians". They aren't campaign managers there not careerist's they aren't fake they are real people who have shaped the UK for the better.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Good bye Queen Beatrix

Her majesties royal monogram
Her majesty Queen Beatrix of Holland has decided last month to abdicate the Dutch throne in favor of her son Prince Willem-Alexander prince of orange.

The handover will happen on Queens day which is a massive celebration in Holland. Her majesty is one of the most popular monarchs around the whole world , the people of Holland have seen her as a "surrogate grandmother" according to one journalist.  It has been a tradition for the last three monarchs including her majesty to abdicate for the next generation to follow through . She herself ascended the throne in 1980 when her mother Queen Juliana abdicated on these grounds as well. During her reign she has seen many changes happen to the Netherlands such as the adoption of the single currency of the European Union she has also made the monarchy relevant in the Netherlands.
In my own opinion she has been the greatest monarch the dutch people ever knew she is a smart independent woman who went from strength to strength and kept a stiff upper lip especially when it came to the death of her Husband prince Claus and more recently her 2nd son being in a coma after a freak accident whilst on a skiing trip in 2010.
I wish her the best of luck for the future and i wish even more luck to the heir apparent to take control on the 30th of April 2013.